Mr. Musk, As was to be inevitable, the coast-to-coast record for an alternative fuel vehicle that Maxwell Materne and I set in October of 2011 has been bested. I congratulate your successful run, and concede that the two Model S sedans did in fact shatter the previous record held by the Magnolia Special(89 hours) by an astounding twelve and a half hours. Although I have been outspent by millions of dollars, your team equipped with chase vehicles, rotating driver shifts, and amenities beyond my limited resources, it does not in any way diminish the achievement of 76.5 hours. You have indeed earned the victory and for that, I salute you, and your team.

You have managed to defeat a one man show in a garage in New Orleans running a natural gas powered vehicle that is admittedly about as sophisticated as a barbecue grill. For myself, and for purely selfish and immature reasons, I hold it as a badge of honor that it took over two years, the construction of an all new electric infrastructure, and dedication of tremendous resources (both public and private) to achieve your goal.

You are also to be credited with a well run marketing and PR strategy that effectively captured the attention of the general public, an area of which my humble effort should be considered an unmitigated disaster. Be that as it may, you know as well as I, that the template for this discussion was invented in 1903 by H. Nelson Jackson and I thank you for at last validating the idea for so many in the 21st century, a sophisticated seed of messaging that I failed to sew in the infertile soils of the swirling modern media landscape.


Perhaps your greatest triumph however, is in exposing the dour purveyors of that "other fuel"….Special criticism should be ladled upon the myopic Natural Gas Industry for their complete lack of interest in, or enthusiasm for, the mining of talent within the ranks of their very own pioneers. A poverty of passion, creativity, and enthusiasm at the helm of the Natural Gas Industry is now laid bare for all to see, with an attitude that at best is shameful, at worst, potentially suicidal. Especially irksome when one considers the fact that the current advertisement and lobbying campaign for their industry is, by dollar amount, the most money ever spent in the history of such frivolous public relations exercises.

But as with all great races, this one is an ongoing saga and as it stands, the cost to coast race is one of endurance, and patience. I will again return to this field of battle, armed with a new car capable of breaking your current record in the near future, but in keeping with the spirit of the giants upon whose shoulders we both stand, I will continue to race with one car, two men, and no chase vehicle or special accommodation.

With the overarching philosophy that competition between alternative energy vehicles is the rising tide that lifts all boats, I look forward to your most honorable concession letter.


Yours Truly,

JT Nesbitt